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Enzo Ferrari Literature

EF002 Ferrari 80
The 1979 edition of Ferrari 80 printed in Italian and limited to 1000 copies and not for resale purposes, this book has been signed and dated inside by Enzo Ferrari 11/79. Picture 1 shows the book and picture 2 shows the inside page with the signature and date. 
EF003 Piloti, che gente
The 1983 edition of Piloti, che gente printed in Italian and limited to 2500 copies. This book has been signed inside by Enzo Ferrari. It is complete with its cardboard protective box. Picture 1 shows the book and picture 2 shows the inside page with the signature. 
EF004 1898-1998
Ferrari Card
The Schedoni leather invitation card (16.5x23cm) to the centennial celebrations of the birth of Enzo Ferrari held on 18th February 1998 in Modena. Produced in very limited quantities, this rare embossed leather card, complete with envelope, has been signed by the 1998 Ferrari drivers Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine. Picture 1 shows the card and picture 2 shows the front of the envelope. 
EF005 Enzo Ferrari
Film Book
The book about the making of the film Ferrari, the man, the myth and the movie. An interesting insight into the making of the first film allowed by Piero Ferrari of his fathers life. This book was not for commercial sale and contains an introductory text by Piero Ferrari on the Carlo Carlei directed film with fantastic pictures from Philippe Antonello. (Picture 1) - (Picture 2) 

Ferrari Enzo Presentation Packs

FE001 Ferrari Enzo 1830/02 Official Ferrari Enzo lithograph presentation set limited to 1000 copies. Ferrari print no:1830/02 limited edition no:704/1000. This hard back 62x48.5cm folder contains 6 lithographs relating to the Ferrari Enzo. Picture 1 shows the folder and picture 2 shows the lithographs. 
FE002 Ferrari Enzo 1846/02 Official Ferrari Enzo 29x29cm boxed set of pictures of the Ferrari Enzo, the twelve page book "A car's name, a man's name" and CD rom produced for the media. Beautifully housed in a padded suede box. Picture 1 shows the box, picture 2 and picture 3 the contents. 
FE003 Ferrari Enzo 1854/02 Ferrari official specifications book print no:1854/02, printed in Italian and English with specifications of the Ferrari Enzo. Complete with CD to the rear with 25 pictures as shown on the rear page. Picture 1 shows the folder and picture 2 shows the cd and thumbnails. 
FE004 Ferrari Enzo Embargo 1831/02 Official Ferrari Enzo 29x29cm box set of pictures of the Ferrari Enzo. The twelve page book, (A car's name, a man's name 1846/02) and a CD-ROM housed in a padded suede box complete with tissue wrapping, Embargo 05.07.02. 
FE005 Ferrari Enzo 1845/02 A sixty-one page book with details, photographs and specifications of the Ferrari Enzo. 

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